First Nicollet Makers Market Success

I had my first Nicollet Makers Market this past Wednesday June 12th and it went very well! It was also a learning experience too as so many things that we try for the first time are and as a result I will be better equipped for all future events. We had many people stop and shop as well as lots of compliments about my work as well. I even had some visitors from Australia who wanted to buy “His Purple Majesty” but already had overflowing luggage so they bought something smaller and we are going to connect once they are safely back home which is exciting my first potential International sale is something to celebrate as well as just the fact that I am doing the Makers Market in downtown Minneapolis! I hope over the summer and into the fall that I will see a lot of people that I know coming by to support me even by just saying hi and checking out my work though I will totally give you the friend discount if you decide to purchase anything!

I am very, very grateful for my dearest friend Sonja, my good friend Marlene, my Aunt Gail, and my business partner who is investing in my potential future success with financial assistance and taking time out of her busy schedule to help staff my booth as well as be the transportation for events. I would not be where I am without their support and all of you who follow me and/or like my work on social media that lets me know that I am on the right track. I also have to give a big shoutout to my art program Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts that helped me make progress on this journey by pushing me to expand my horizons, branch out, providing workshops and many opportunities to share my knowledge and experience as an artist who is differently-abled in a way that follows their mission statement about challenging perceptions of people with disabilities: this is an amazing nonprofit that helps people with disabilities of all types in ways that help us express ourselves in any pretty much any way that is artistically possible. If you are ever looking for a place to give or donate money or time to this is a very worthy organization that at the very least you should come check out the gallery which is open during the week and/or take a brief tour and see the magic that happens firsthand.

OKAY in less than 2 weeks, WEDNESDAY JUNE 26, 2019 I will be back on NIcollet Mall in downtown in front of the IDS building between 7th and 8th st on the mall, come check me out I have a lot of stuff that has never been posted to my social media, hope to see you there. AND NOW THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR PEOPLE LIVING AND LOVING MINNEAPOLIS TO COME SEE ME AND MY WORK!!!!!!!


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