NICOLLET MAKERS MARKET!!! Watch Me FLY at My First Outdoor Event

NICOLLET MAKERS MARKET is where you can find me twice a month starting this June on the 12th for sure from 10-2 but hopefully I will be able to get set up earlier and breakdown at the last possible moment. The Nicollet Makers Market is in front of Gaviidae Common, 651 Nicollet Mall, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis right across from Marshals. Look for a Blue tent, not sure if others will have that color but blue should make me easier to find. So save these dates: JUNE 12&26, JULY 10&24, AUGUST 14&28, SEPTEMBER 11&25. Come say hello and watch live pour-painting or do a pour-painting yourself for a small fee which includes a to go box for easy and safe transport of your own creation that you can show off to everyone! If you email me or IM me on Instagram I can bring specific colors that you would want for the painting if you pay half the fee beforehand as this would count as a customized job.

I have to put a shoutout to The ARC of Minnesota for the microgrant that they approved which is paying for my tent, tables, display items, bags, supplies, and so much more that I would never have been able to come up with myself, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am so blessed and grateful for the microgrant and for the opportunity to do the Nicollet Makers Market. Can’t wait to see you there!!


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