Halloween, Day of the Dead, and a little How to!

So you don’t necessarily get to see a lot of the stuff it takes to do what I do or where I have to go at times either so here’s a little snap shot as well as a nod towards my favorite holiday Halloween! Below are pictures of some of the materials it takes to do both or either the acrylic resin work as well as the fluid painting/pours


I don’t endorse any particular brands of anything at this point in my career and have not settled on any certain brand of paint or resin but rather switch things up pretty often! I will say that I use dollar tree for a lot of the little things like the popsicle sticks and small paper cups as well as some materials to do my brand of artwork on.

If you have read any of my other posts you may have heard me mention the St. Paul Public Library’s free maker space the WIN Innovation Lab where I utilize their laser engraver and expertise with that particular piece of machinery which has become integral to my work. Anyone with a library card and a drivers license or ID can become a member and use any of the equipment there which consists of much more than the laser engravers. Pictured below is one leg of my journey to St. Paul and the engraver itself a wonderful piece of machinery but it pales in comparison to the people who work with me while I am there!


Alright now for a couple of Halloween things that I have been doing recently! If you know me at all you know about my affinity for skulls with or without crossbones, hope you enjoy!


I  am as always available for events and classes on any of the art forms that are shown anywhere on my website and beyond though I would say that drawing is not the finer of my skills so you should probably engage someone else for that, LOL! Have a great Halloween and if you are like me and have taken on another culture’s heritage I celebrate Day of the Dead, or days since it is more than one, where you honor and celebrate those that have passed on before us by speaking of good memories, cooking their favorite foods etc., “Book of the Dead” is a very cute animated flick that explains some of it while also having a sense of humor.

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