Pour, Pour, Pouring

I got introduced, last week at Interact, to a new type of acrylic pour painting technique involving Floetrol, acrylic paint, and 100% silicone which is what produces the separate cells of paint into a very cool looking whole. I am now in love with this art form and looking deeply into ways that I could incorporate this method into jewelry. The 2 big differences besides looks is that you have even less control of how something turns out than the acrylic resin technique that I have been working hard to perfect and the fact that it can take a week or more to dry solidly enough to utilize it! The results though are pretty awesome to behold and a spectacularly unique way to express yourself when I figure out the logistics of using this with a jewelers eye. Stay tuned for this and the MN state jewelry as well as ornaments that I have been hard at work on!!


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