So, I’m not sure if everyone knows this but you can commission me to make jewelry or artwork in colors or shapes that you would personally prefer. I just finished a commissioned project that involved a Star of David as the centerpiece or focal point in colors that the person actually liked on a different piece of art that she saw. The jewelry above and below what I am writing are from the left overs of that project. As always you can walk in M-F to Interact  and purchase items that I have already made or to commission a piece from me in person. Otherwise feel free to email me at polishedjade55418@yahoo.com to request jewelry or art at extremely reasonable prices to which I have a business PayPal account or I will take cash, I do not accept checks at this time. We will work out how you would like to receive your art or jewelry either by mail for which postage would be added to the end price or we can meet out in the community somewhere to make the exchange as well whatever works best for you. Please refer to my last Blog post for information regarding Christmas Ornaments. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to see or hear from you if you like what you see!

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