Coming Soon MN State Jewelry & Christmas Ornaments

Hello to my viewing audience old and new!! I at the request of someone who saw a MN state ornament last year and loved it but not the price tag attached($18 wowza) am going to be making them myself for the coming holiday season. You might be saying to yourself but it is August, Christmas is wayyyy off in the future and something you may not want to start thinking about so early. Well the reason for the early notification of this perfect holiday gift, for the people who love their home state, is because quite a lot of work goes into such a venture. I can’t walk to a store and get little MN states in ornament size with a hole that is perfect for the ribbon that will be attached, so I have to go to a place with a laser engraver and have them cut specifically for me in the design that I come up with. This takes time, effort and I haven’t even started the process of doing the acrylic resin on the surface to make them each brilliantly beautiful one of a kind ornaments.

That all being said I will mostly be doing this according to orders that are set up ahead of time so I don’t go to the time and expense of making them just to have them sit around until the 2019 holiday season. Since these will be done mostly by order you may also request specific colors for the ornaments that you order and whether or not you would like a tiny red heart placed in the area of the twin cities or elsewhere. Please email me no later than October 31st 2018 although depending on my schedule you can after that date and I will let you know whether I can accommodate the order or not, or at the very least I will be making some extras but then there will not be a customization option. My price right now is $10 a piece and I should have a picture of one sometime next month but if you look at my jewelry and other acrylic resin pieces on this website you can see what the potential of these little beauties will be.

I have a Paypal business account with a swipe so you can pay online or in person which ever is the most convenient, orders over 3 will require a small security deposit which will be a percentage of how many that you order to insure that even if you change your mind at some point I am not out all the cost for the order. The $10 does not include shipping so know that the final cost will be a bit more plus tax for the state or if you live in the twin cities we can arrange a time and place to meet for the exchange. Each order if this is your first time buying from me qualifies for a free gift that you will be able to choose from a selection of when the transaction is being completed. I look forward to making these and sharing a completely unique unrepeatable slice of the MN art community! Below are the latest in my acrylic resin jewelry. I will also be making some MN state earrings and necklaces in the near future both with and without the resin.


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