Makerfest at the Rondo Community Outreach Library!

The annual Makerfest hosted by the St.Paul Public Library at the Rondo Community Outreach Library location was very busy this past Saturday. I stopped counting the people that I was teaching after 25 because it was so hectic! Crazy crafty fun with live music to boot it went from 12-4 and didn’t start slowing down until after 3:30. I had a great time and everyone who came by seemed to as well.

Kumihimo, using a disk, is an especially easy craft to master once you get the hang of it. Everyone especially liked the fact that they got to leave with a disk, small wooden weight, and yarn enough for their current project plus one for the future. I use materials that I easily attained, are reasonably priced, and are something that can survive multiple uses so people can figure out if it is a craft that they want to pursue. Adults, teens, and even very young children can learn this technique which can eventually lead to more complex patterns and incorporation of other materials such as beads. I may have to develop a Kumihimo 2.0 class for those who want to learn the more advanced aspects of this historically rich Japanese article form. If anyone who was at this event or the one in downtown St. Paul has a picture of the finished product please email it to me at so that I can post it for others to see along with anything you would like to say about It! I mentioned to someone that I have never seen one not turn out awesome looking because it is true! Each is unique and although it is the same art they manage to look different from each other.

Thanks to the Library, Andrea plus all of the gang at the W.I.N. Center, for having me and hosting such a cool event. Thanks goes to James as well as Kuhn, I am sorry if I probably spelled that wrong, for helping me with the laser engraver and making the materials for the event! Finally thanks to those who attended the event and stopped by my station it was a privilege to meet you and share a hobby of mine to those with a desire to try something new. Also thanks to those who made purchases of my artwork and jewelry. I hope you will enjoy them and make people jealous that you have something so one of a kind.

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