Earrings In High Demand!

I took a small sabbatical from Interact because I have had a lot going on in other areas of my life so when I returned I was happily surprised to find that my rack of earrings had SOLD OUT!! So I went to work right away to refill the rack with Jewels by Jade, my tag at Interact, and the ones featured at the bottom here are some of the lovely options people will have to choose from. What people don’t know is how labor intensive making these earrings are! Resin is an extremely hard substance somewhere along the line of plexiglass and therefore very difficult to cut at all let alone make any sort of shape with. I carve each of these by hand which takes a lot of strength, dedication, and time to accomplish. The large acrylic resin pieces that I make are easy in comparison to the jewelry. I know that if I didn’t lift weights there is no way that I would be able to do this work at all. Each pair is completely unique and unrepeatable because you will never get the same result twice with resin pouring for their is little to no control once you start putting the colors together. Well come on by Interact and get some Jewels by Jade or one of my bigger pieces that are here such as the unicorn and our lovely state both done in acrylic resin!

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