Kumihimo Class A Success At St.Paul Public Library’s Lab After Dark!

This was the first class that I did that was open to the general public and at no cost to the participants (only to the library). It was well attended partly due perhaps to the St. Paul Art Crawl going on it was Friday April 27th after all. Never fear though for those of you who missed out there will be a big event coming up next month where you will have the opportunity to learn this beautiful braiding art for free again at the Rondo Library in St.Paul, right on the cross streets of Dale and University Ave. So save the date Saturday June 16th, 2018 starting at 12 pm and I will not be the only artist there, there will be several from what I understand each contributing a different skill.  I believe there will also be some craft/art supply swapping as well so it is time to go through your stash and dig out the stuff you want to pass on as well.

If you have not yet ventured to the George Latimer Central Library in St. Paul it is high time that you do! Especially if you are crafty, an inventor, a singer/musician, or an artist because of their crown jewel the Innovation Lab http://www.sppl.org/the-lab which has laser engravers, recording studio, 3D printer, sewing machines, laptops and more! Which is free for any adult with a valid license/ID and an up to date library card (from wherever you hail from I happen to have a Hennepin county library card) with less than $10 in fines after you do a very brief orientation.

The staff, volunteers, and interns there are amazing! They are not only knowledgeable but extremely patient and always happy to help. What you are given access to in that lab is beyond the price of the equipment itself which is big enough but the experience and guidance are priceless especially when you are often one on one with these folks. Sounds too good to be true right , I know I couldn’t believe it at first either but it is a genuine deal and not taken advantage of as much as it could be so get over there and check it out. If your finances prove to be such that you have money to give to causes this is a very worthy one for it helps those of us who have mostly our guts and talent get us our start. Well I hope to see you in June or possibly at some other event sometime soon in the meantime enjoy our 2 weeks of Spring!


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