New Bling and INTERACT

Using pieces that were naturally formed or painstakingly cutting them from my acrylic resin pours I’ve come up with some pretty awesome and guaranteed unique jewelry. These pieces that are impossible to duplicate as each pour is different from the next it can either accent your daring wardrobe or spice it up if you find it lacking. The pair featured above didn’t require any serious cutting on my part which was a plus in the manual labor department but may leave these as a bit more eccentric in taste. This particular pair is for sale at Interact the art program that I am involved in 3 days a week. If you have never been to the location at 1860 W. Minnehaha Ave. in St. Paul, MN it is a must see as the gallery features a dynamic array of artists who are each differently-abled ,as I don’t like the word disabled because it seems very limiting when this group is anything but limited! There is something for everyone to enjoy and I strongly encourage you to visit and take a tour as well if you have time. The art that is created with some of what society sees as physical or mental limitation is rather a celebration of all that makes us different. An elegantly defiant stand that cries on the wall “Work with your Quirk” is a wonderful testament to our welcoming attitude of diversity.

This groundbreaking Minnesota non-profit also has a theater component on the other side of the building a little ways down the hallway from the visual arts and gallery areas. They put on at least 2 plays a year usually in a theater in the Minneapolis warehouse district. In both areas of the building successful artists/actors/musicians/directors from the community are the backbone that helps navigate the twisty turns that any art form can take including trying to market our art in the twin cities where art is everywhere you look. I encourage you to go and see at least one of the plays that they do in a years time because they are not some cookie cutter been done a thousand times before production. It is a fabulously creative and inventive collaborative feast for the senses. We also have a great administrative staff that not only keeps our doors open when the funding is thin but is so supportive that they are often seen offering opinions when asked about our art, which is often. Some can be seen wearing our jewelry or with our art on their office walls! In short everyone who works, volunteers, or creates here is key in the ongoing life of the organization.

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