Toxic Sunrise

In the Beginning…LOL!!

Welcome to the first and therefore very amateurish (yet compelling right??) website for my brand spanky new small enterprise called Polished Jade! My name if you haven’t guessed is Jade! I specialize in a unique genre of what I call event jeweler, artistry, and teacher should someone or a group want to actually learn how to do some of the crafty techniques that I have mastered. What is an event jeweler or artist you say, very good question I am so glad that you asked! What I mean by that phrase is that someone or a group of people/company can hire me to come to an event such as a birthday, a promotion or retirement celebration, baby shower, graduation, or any sort of event that someone would want to commemorate. You hire me to come with my tools of the trade, my stock, or whatever you may have picked out for me to work with at the event (jewelry wise) and during the party people can come over and customize a piece of jewelry for themselves to take home at the end of the party (note if it is an exceptionally large amount of people it may be 24 hrs before all of them are complete). When you pick out jewelry that speaks to you i have found that there is often at least one thing that we would change about it, if not more. How cool would it be to be able to pick exactly what you want and have it made for you on the spot. I know how good it feels when people compliment my jewelry that I make when I have it on, it feels great! I can tell you from doing this at a couple of events already that the same satisfaction is there to be had when you can say that you designed the piece that they are complimenting!

There is also the part where the event is forever imprinted on everyone who attended and had a piece made, men often will pick something for a gift to someone else rather than anything for themselves but that again is unique. Getting jewelry as a gift is great especially if someone knows your tastes but think about if the person told you that they had the piece made specifically for you and didn’t get it from some store where someone else may be wearing the same thing you are. That’s pretty awesome right! I would definitely call that stepping up and the same can be said for you having someone like me at your event. Every time this person sees that piece or wears it they are going to remember that event and who gave it because it is something very unique that you won’t find just anywhere.

I also do other art forms like the picture above, plus some of the pictures on my homepage, show the acrylic resin that I specialize in. I can do custom pieces of this at an event or show a group how to do it and have a blast while creating something beautiful and memorable! I can also teach Kumihimo which is an ancient Japanese knotting art which gave birth to everything else from knitting to macrame. I can also teach the basics for making jewelry though it takes time to really get a foothold on some parts so we would want to discuss exactly what type of jewelry you are interested in having me teach. In any of the instances where I am coming to do an event I would charge an hourly wage that we agree upon and the cost for my materials which would likewise be something that we discussed depending on what types of stones and settings etc. that you would want available for your event.

Feel free to email me with any questions and I hope you are intrigued by my offerings at the very least. I also would like to know, feedback is appreciated in a constructive form please, if it would be helpful for me to get an actual store space? This is something I do plan on doing in the future if my idea pans out because I would be able to have a lot more stock and people could come to my store to have things made so it wouldn’t be just events. That is a big leap from where i am at right now but it would be nice to know if people would actually like that or find it helpful. Thank you so much for visiting and I will hopefully be adding to this or getting an actual one with a domain soon:)

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